Common Activities That Can Cause a Dental Emergency

A lot of people do not put too much thought about their teeth. These people do not know that these pearly whites are an essential tool and important for our daily functioning. Teeth function not only for eating but also for a multitude of things. Some psychological and social functions of teeth can be tied to our confidence when we interact with other people, being clearly understood, and so much more.

Taking care of our teeth must be kept in mind as there are some instances where we may encounter a dental issue. Going through with dental issues is not going to be a pleasant experience. The prevention of certain issues will fall on our diligence in keeping them in mind while conducting certain activities.

What activities can cause dental issues and emergencies?

There are a lot of mundane activities, or the lack thereof, that may constitute a dental emergency. These dental emergencies are easily avoided through specific actions that we can do anywhere and getting dental care Edmonton clinics to help. We have to keep in mind that although our teeth are made of bone, they are not as strong as steel. You may be wondering what activities can bring a dental emergency. Here are some activities that can bring you to that point.


Chewing is a normal part of our day, and eating would be almost impossible without it. However, chewing tough or hard food items may damage our teeth. A piece of bone or hard candy can easily crack or chip our teeth. This would entail extreme pain that would need a dentist to address. Gauging the hardness of the food you eat and chewing slowly would definitely be a preventive measure. You can check what professionals do for you at


Basketball, football, and baseball are sports that a lot of people engage in. These sports are pleasurable and a great way to blow off some steam. However, these sports can become a little too intense that someone or something can hit your mouth and cause a tooth to come loose. Experiencing a knocked tooth can pose severe bleeding and pain where a dentist from an  Edmonton emergency dental clinic may urgently be needed. We can add a measure of protection by using mouthguards; otherwise, keeping a distance from other players may be needed.

Lack of Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygiene has been ingrained in us since we were young, but this is not the same case for other people. Even though they know that they should brush their teeth and floss at least twice a day, they tend to neglect it. Brushing teeth with enriched toothpaste actually strengthen teeth and inhibit bacterial growth. If we neglect to brush our pearly whites, they weaken and become brittle. If you also miss your dental appointment, that leads to more oral health problems.


Taking care of our teeth is an easy process. We need to do it daily and ensure that the activities that we participate in are safe. However, if these activities can send you to an emergency dentist, taking precautions and using protective equipment may be the best way to stay clear of dental emergencies.