NETACEA: A Bot Management Leader

Forrester, a major research firm that provides information on emerging and existing technology, has recognized Netacea as a pioneer in its own 2020 evaluation of their emerging bot management market. The researchers analyzed the top 13 vendors in bot direction and chose Netacea to have among the Maximum score in the program class with a distinguished score in 8. By identifying and prioritising real human traffic, organisations increase their online earnings, protect brand recognition and mitigate risk.

Netacea’s differentiating server-side approach to bot management unites web log analysis with real time and historical trends to analyse user behaviour and determine intent. The technology is uniquely equipped to detect complex threats, combining extensive signal collection with profound analysis and dashboards that address both security and business context in the business environment. Netacea offers a complete set of answers, including a black hole–an open relationship with no answer –and a bot state index that injects user information to the HTTP header

Netacea Is the perfect match for businesses which must safeguard a wide range of traffic. Netacea’s server-side only version enables it to detect and react to bot traffic coming from internet applications, mobile devices, APIs, IoT apparatus, and any other systems that are on-line.” Netacea’s approach is quite different to others and it is great to get this independently affirmed and valued. This is an unbelievable achievement for the entire team.”

Andy Nevertheless, Netacea CTO and co-founder stated:”We believe that the Forrester New Wave results reflect the strength of our technology offering and validates our decision to have a different approach to the bot challenge; with special reference to our powerful attack reaction and dashboarding capabilities. While we don’t have any intention of resting on our laurels, this result implies we’re in a superb position as we kick-off our 2020 product roadmap.” Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation platform, takes a smarter approach to bot direction and is a recognized pioneer for its innovative use of threat intelligence and machine learning.

Netacea’s Intent AnalyticsTM engine searches net and API logs at near real time to comprehend and mitigate bot dangers. This special approach provides businesses with transparent, actionable threat intelligence that empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their visitors.