What Are the Latest Trends in Office Interior Design?

2020 was a chaotic year for almost everybody and every industry, including cinemas, restaurants, bars, dental clinics, music venues, coffee shops, clothing stores, and real estate. As the authorities adjusted health guidelines and rules throughout the year, requiring individuals to stay at home, many have shifted to new ways of working and living. But the good news is, we have come a long way, especially now with the vaccines.

We didn’t see it coming, but the year 2020 was dominated by the COVID crisis, which impacted every trend we had expected to see. However, companies should not let coronavirus regulations and other considerations influence the elements that play a vital role in creating an engaging and productive environment for customers and employees.

Although the pre-COVID life isn’t completely back yet, here are some commercial interior design concepts you can implement into your office space, which could also be your permanent interior design even after the pandemic is gone.

Top Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces for 2021

A Video Conferencing Space and Resource

Because more staff are working remotely, especially with some ongoing restrictions, video conferencing technology is essential to communication and collaboration. Therefore, the workplace should adapt to this change to accommodate the equipment needed, such as computers, cameras, screens, etc.

Custom Wall Murals

Whatever industry you belong to, creating a custom wall mural can elevate your office from dull and lifeless to lively and inspiring in an instant. They also provide storytelling and branding opportunities. Personalized wall murals are a great way to attract your workforce and keep them motivated, especially in these times of pandemic, through uplifting their mood.

Custom Furniture

An ideal workspace is not only about putting up decorations, but it goes beyond furniture placement. The values and brand of your business reflect in the workspace. It can be an effective tool for communication, which expresses your brand’s personality to customers and employees. Since your staff spends a lot of their time in your workplace, it would help boost their productivity if you provide an environment that fosters happiness, loyalty, and morale.

Aside from choosing furniture that is compatible with your budget, ensure that they are in line with the theme of your interior, employees’ needs, and the brand of your company. You don’t need to buy expensive and brand-new items if you are on a tight budget. Second-hand furniture or ones that you previously used can be excellent alternatives. A versatile and reputable designer can transform them into valuable pieces. For instance, your designer can turn your old benches into custom photo op benches, which you can place in one area in your office so your customers can take and upload exciting social media-worthy photos.

Leisure Area for Customers and Employees

The office isn’t only an area for employees to work. Instead, it should be a home away from home for your hardworking employees. It should be a place where they can be productive, and at the same time, feel comfortable, and where people enjoy being in. Although many big offices have kitchens, wellness rooms, or telephone rooms, you do not have to include these if your office is small and you’re operating on a limited budget. What’s important is you provide a separate room from the main area where people enter, that your staff can go to and relax comfortably during break time.

On the other hand, your clients and customers are the backbone of your company. So, ensure that you provide them with a comfortable area that gives satisfaction and motivates them to come back. If you are a pediatric clinic, you create a themed gaming office where your patients can play while waiting for their appointment to help reduce stress and anxieties. If this is something that interests you, you might want to check out IDS Kids. They are known for their themed benches by IDS, custom wall murals, custom reception desks, and many more.

As a Final Point

It shouldn’t matter whether you are a small or big business owner. Considering the benefits of having unique and custom interior design in your office, hiring professional designers and artists is always the best option. The key is being honest with them about your budget so they can find ways to meet your desired results without compromising the quality.