You Think You Know What Immigration Medical Exam Is

You are considering immigrating to Canada or applying for a work or study visa. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada may require you to undergo a medical examination before you are permitted to enter the country. A passing score on this test is required for most permanent residence applications as well as specialized temporary residency applications, such as those for employees, students, or tourists.

Q&As About Immigration Medical Exams

This article discusses the medical examinations required for Canadian immigration in considerable detail. Here are a few questions you probably have in mind.

What is the aim of a medical exam?

An immigration medical examination examines a person’s health and is performed by a panel physician approved by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The exam determines whether a person should be denied entry into Canada on medical grounds.


A Canadian immigration medical examination process will involve the following procedures:

  • A medical history exam
  • It is necessary to get a physical exam.
  • Your panel physician may order more tests.

If your doctor requires further information, you might be sent to a specialist for testing. If you choose, you may bring a chaperone to your appointment.


For your medical exam, bring proper identification (a passport or other government-issued identification) as well as medical information (a list of medications you’re taking, eyeglasses, etc.). You may bring your medical test with you when applying for various Canadian immigration programs. Others will need you to take the test after you submit your application.

What is the purpose of a medical exam in Canada?

The primary purpose of the medical examination is to assess if a person is medically suitable to enter Canada. If a person poses a risk to public health or safety, or if their medical condition threatens to deplete the Canadian healthcare system, their immigration application may be denied.


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Who needs an Immigration Medical Exam?

Different requirements depend on whether a person seeks temporary (workers, students, and tourists) or permanent residence.


Those staying for less than six months are considered temporary residents. A medical examination should not be necessary unless you work in a specialist industry. Occupations that need you to keep public health in mind, such as those that require you to deal with others often, are examples of these jobs.


All permanent residents must undergo medical exams, including accompanying wives, partners, and dependent children.

Which medical professional should you consult?

An IRCC-approved panel physician may only complete your exam. The examination cannot be completed because your doctor cannot complete it (unless you are listed as a panel physician, which is unlikely). The IRCC’s service may be able to help you find a panel physician in your area.


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What is the validity of the medical exam results?

The results of an IRCC medical examination are valid for a year from the examination date. If your scores are older than this, you will have to retake the test.