Women Who Are Protecting The Earth

Ladies property and environmental defenders are absolutely crucial to the struggle against the climate disaster.

In each region of the planet, girls defenders take leadership roles in activities contrary to logging, mining, agribusiness and other dangerous sectors.

In many regions of the world, they are still excluded from property ownership and talks about the future of the communities’ natural resources.

Too often, they’re also subject to sexual abuse while they also risk their lives for standing up to destruction.

That’s the reason why on International Women’s Day, we observe defenders who’ve motivated us those who maintain hard powerful corporations and authorities all over Earth.

Of course there are many more across the world and this is a tribute to these also.

These girls are leading us towards a better, more sustainable, future for our world and authorities have a responsibility to help protect them.

Berta Cáceres dedicated several years to protecting her community’s property in Intibucá, western Honduras, from the building of the dam that threatened a vital and sacred water supply for the

Berta co-founded an organisation, COPINH (the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organisations of Honduras), and successfully conducted a grassroots campaign against the dam.

She brought together members of her community, organised a local meeting, led a demonstration and filed complaints with government authorities.

Since the coal boom came in The Philippines’ Bataan area – situated just over the bay from Manila – residents have been speaking out against contamination impacting their health and

Community members also have faced displacement and seen their homes demolished.

Derek Cabe, as secretary in the Coal-Free Bataan Movement, has been helping to organise community members with those complaints and that would like a voice, bringing them together to

Specifically, the movement has been campaigning against a dirty-power plant located directly on the seafront, therefore affecting many fishermen’s livelihoods.

‘If they didn’t fight, if they didn’t have a business, they will not have a fighting chance.

This is where the value of organizing is.

The people are learning how to protect human rights,’ says Derek,’Defending their faith is essential because it is their right to breathe in the first location.

Derek and other anti-coal activists in the region encounter harassment, intimidation and attacks.

Lancashire, UK, is part of a group of protestors who were fighting for the past two years to prevent shale gas extraction (fracking) from ruining their rural village community.

In 2017, Gillian and many members of her family were arrested for producing a human shield to prevent machines from entering a fracking website.

But we need to do something, I must do something.’

In the handiest case in the united kingdom, three activists called the’fracking three’ were sentenced to jail for over a year each having a draconian law that dates back

to Medieval times for obstructing another fracking site.